At Bluewater Beach Resort we can offer you up to 6 rooms which I can ensure will satisfy you. By only having 6 rooms will help to keep you happy as it will allow more privacy for you. Each room contains an extra king size bed as well as a fridge and a freezer. Also the rooms with contain an attatched bathroom (with hot water) and a balcony. Each room contains a tv which provides cable tv which offers you English, Tamil, Hindi and Sinhala films.

At the hotel we provide you with free internet through wifi and wired connections as well as a telephone line to make your calls. Something important that we provide is the fact that all rooms are air conditioned in order to survive the heat. If you decide to stay at our hotel we will provide you with a delicious breakfast.

Prices will vary depending on the time of the year. Below you can see our prices. Bluewater Beach Resort is a new resort meaning that all the facilities available to you will be in great condition. I can ensure you an amazing experience that you will come to enjoy. Within the resort there is a Play Room featuring many activities for all ages such as a game of table tennis or if you fancy video games you can take joy playing the Playstation 3 or the Nintendo Wii.

On top of that Bluewater Beach Resort offers you a Cinema Theatre with a wide range of English Films for you to enjoy. Adding on we also have a private access to the beach which will allow you to have more freedom as you enjoy the sun shining down on you.

October - May

Rooms (Per Day) Price (US Dollars $)
1 Double Room 29 - 69
1 Family Room (4 people) 39 - 89
Breakfast - $5

June - September

Rooms (Per Day) Price (US Dollars $)
1 Double Room 49 - 149
1 Family Room (4 people) 69 - 149
Breakfast - $5